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  • Plans and Planning Permissions

  • Project Management of Builders

  • Interior Design


About Keystar

We represent the Owners in coordinating complete building projects from conception to completion. I make sure the Owners are involved in the important decisions, while taking hundreds of small decisions where their presence is not necessary.

Capitalising on twenty years of experience buying, selling, extending and renovating properties in London (Chelsea, Belgravia and Battersea), Switzerland and Italy, Keystar was established by Roberta Palau Drummond, B.A., M.I.A.

Keystar draws on finance, negotiation and project management skills learned while working for General Electric USA, and later in other industrial and financial companies as a Director.

In London we rely on an extensive team of Architects, Surveyors, Lawyers, Builders and Specialists that we know well and with whom we have worked for years.  Case by case, the right person is drawn-in for each project.

We create new spaces, beautiful drawing rooms, wonderful atmospheres…and we do all the work.